PyMPX.jupyter module - reference

Run Jupyter notebooks as if they are functions.

Parameters can be passed to a Jupyter notebook, so that a development script can be productionised easily.

Hardcoded parameters must be moved to the first code cell of the notebook (Markdown and raw text can exist in cells above the first cell)., timeout=None, relative_to_notebook=False, **kwargs)[source]

Run a Jupyter notebook, passing in parameters to the first cell of the notebook

  • notebook – path to Jupyter notebook we wish to run

  • timeout – timeout in seconds for notebook to run in - defaults to None

  • relative_to_notebook – Run relative to the current working directory, or relative to the notebook? Default False - i.e. we run relative to the calling directory. Relative paths are run relative to the calling directory.

  • **kwargs

    keyword arguments that will be passed as parameters to the notebook