PyMPX.exceptions - reference

exception pympx.exceptions.CompletelyLoggedError[source]

If we have logged everything we need to know about an error, we do not need to print a stacktrace to the logs, or log an Unhandled Error for the end user. Raise this error once all the pertinent captured error is logged, to improve the end user experience

exception pympx.exceptions.EmpowerImporterError[source]

Generic error used to catch any error caused when using Empower Importer or Batch

exception pympx.exceptions.EmpowerImporterOutputLostError[source]

Thrown when running importer causes output to be lost because it requires a final output command

exception pympx.exceptions.EmpowerImporterVersionError[source]

When functionality is not available in a version of Empower Importer or Batch this error can be thrown

exception pympx.exceptions.EmpowerSecurityError[source]

Exception to be thrown when encrypted password or user name has not been set

exception pympx.exceptions.LoaderSetupError[source]

Thrown when the setup of a loader is incomplete or inconsistent

exception pympx.exceptions.MPXError[source]

Root Metapraxis exception, allows us to catch any exception in this module

exception pympx.exceptions.UpstreamFailureError[source]

Exception designed to be thrown when there is a failure in an upstream parallel process